Mar 16, 2010

Obama and his Constitutional Coup d'état

This week doesn't promise to bring good news in the health care department. So you better brace for impact, and hope for the best that you won't suffer a heart attack.

And, again, remember this is just the beginning.

( Photo from Nobama)

Obama and his acolytes in Congress, Senate and everywhere else are getting ready for their outrageous political orgasm with the false theater behind "reconcilation". There won't be such a thing. They lie.

In the first attempt of a Constitutional Coup d'état in the history of the United States, Dr. Utopia and his enablers will ram down our throats that monstruosity of a bill. Did I hear dirty tricks? You betcha!

For our Spanish-speaking viewers, NOBAMA has the nuts and bolts of this unconstitutional illegality.

American Thinker has a summary of the real story behind the "reconciliation bill". End point? There will be none. It's a wreckonciliation! - and what on earth do student loans have to do with health care?

I know it might reads as a twister-tongue (remember their goals is to get us so confused we don't realize what's going on) but the Dems plan is to pass the Senate bill, without voting on it! Of course, they are trying to save their sorry rear ends in November... again, you are amongst friends, so you can call it Obama's Constitutional Coup d'état.

FYI, the editorial boards of several newspapers have pulled the plug on Obamacare. But Dr. Utopia is not loosing his sleep over that. The statist and socialist agenda him and Madam Pelosi dream of is way above that pesky public opinion. "They're idiots! We know what's best for them," I imagine them saying in their inner circles. Boy, we need to keep that crappy bill on the ropes. It's our last hope.

If this thing finally makes into law, here is a preview for you on what to expect: one, two, three, four, and I better leave it here...

Cubanita out. - I'm going to my first neighborhood caucus tonight. Do you know where is yours?

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