May 14, 2010

Ideological subversion and disdain are killing the US

It is not about lack of historical memory anymore. It is not about the uber liberal hypocrisy and double standards. Or being a brain-washed sycophant bred in an American college.

It is WAY more than that when you see the fact that a given management / PR company lighted up the Empire State Building to celebrate China’s communist murderer regimen, while refuses to light the darn building in white in blue to celebrate what would have been Mother’s Theresa 100 birthday.

Sorry, Mother, you're not evil enought to deserve being honored
(Photo from AP)

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro tried to investigate the story for, and he wonders:

"If the Third Reich had survived World War II, would the Empire State Building have felt “honored” to illuminate the building in red to commemorate the night Adolf Hitler burned the Reichstag to the ground and started a Nazi revolution in Germany? Would anyone be proud of the relationship between our countries and our people then? I highly doubt it. For some reason, (and I have to imagine that reason is the indoctrination of ultra-leftism at American universities and from Hollywood), we have conveniently forgotten about the brutality and human rights violations committed by communist states. Somewhere along the line communism became heroic and even fashionable. If that seems like a stretch, check out the T-shirts produced by popular rock band Rage Against the Machine that champion Che Guevara. Apparently, fascist dictatorships are evil, but communist ones are acceptable, and that kind of rationale in itself is unacceptable. In reality, Communism has been responsible for the slavery and oppression of hundreds of millions of innocent people. That’s why citizens of many communist states like China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union risk their lives to escape. Communism in all forms is evil and should never, ever be honored under any circumstances. To honor communism is to honor evil."

Have at it - I strongly recommend a barf bag.

Memo to the socialistoids, communistoids and idiot liberals in America:
Charity = good.
Communism = EVIL.

Will you EVER finally get it?

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