May 3, 2010

Obama is like Castro

Yes, he is.

They are both communists opportunists who get high with the mere thought of redistributing wealth - for others, not for them, duh!

Report me, offend me, profile me, denounce me, call me right winger, extremist intransigent -whatever. I was born and raised surrounded by Rapid Response Brigades anyway.

Crazy times we're living in...

And I am getting really tired of this lousy de-ja-vu.


Anonymous said...

Amen girl!


Re-creating Jax said...

Just calling you right!!! Did you see the news today on channel 6 regarding the new 5 star hotel and the fishing trips and they are wanting to open the flights to everyone because they say its about "Free Travel". Yeah right its about MONEY!!! And people who dont care about human rights and the Cuban people. Estan loco!!

Re-creating Jax said...

I found the website:

Freedom to Travel to Cuba in 2010!
Take Action: Support The End of All Travel Restrictions to Cuba.

Can you believe this!!

Melek said...


Cubanita, Anyone who has done their homework by now knows that Obama is not a socialist by association, he's a socialist by birth! Since the day he was born to leftist parents and later brought up by socialist, grandparents he was immersed in the socialist, anti-American ideology, ... this is merely reinforced by the Marshall Davis, Ayers, Dohrn, Reverend Wright and the rest of the socialist and communists he associated for years...

As you so well stated, it has nothing to do with paranoia ... for those who have grown or lived in totalitarian regimes the writing on the wall is clear and the scary deja vu very real! He may shrug his shoulders and laugh at those who claim he's a socialist, but whether he choses to be called progressive, liberal or an advocate of social justice ... these are all code words or redefined words for the same!!!

I wish you well :) Melek

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue
He knows every song of love that ever has been sung
Good intentions can be evil
Both hands can be full of grease
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
- Bob Dylan, "Man of Peace"

Cubanita said...

And that is precisely, Melek, the reason why is so frustrating. As you said, the writing is in the walls, but nobody is listening.

Then us, who have lived in the monster of communism / socialism (and were lucky enought to escape and tell the story) us, that are speaking up about the red flags; we're being called names and labeled in thousand ways - ah! the wonders of that no-sterotyping liberal "mentality"...

In down days like these that I am having now, I can not help to wonder: how many gulags, UMAP's, rafter's crisis, firing squads, deaths in the Florida Straits, deaths by hunger strike, rapid response brigades and repudiation acts the American people need to suffer in their own skin to finally see the warning we're trying to give them. How many?

How many innocent lives nned to be lost? How many rights and liberties do Americans need to see ERASED from their lives to realize we're trying to tell them?

It just doesn't make any sense to me. Well, it does: is the direct results of years of indoctrination in publics schools and weaking of family values. Castro did it with the boarding schools, the penalization of religion and the forced work-study system. In here has taken longer, but the public schools indcotrination system and the communism-infested colleges have rendered the same result.

The United States are the paramount of liberty and freedom for the opressed in the entire world. If we loose America, we have nothing left. If we loose the United States, we ARE lost.

Nothing. Last time I check, none was massw-emigrating in home-rafts to Venezuela or Korea. Nobody.

I guess I am just having a severe case of anti-communist blogger fatigue...