Nov 22, 2010

Castro's regimen endorses UN homophobic resolution

Via Capitol Hills Cubans:
This week, the Castro regime endorsed an amendment to a U.N. resolution (along with homophobic African and Middle Eastern nations) that exposes gays to arbitrary executions.
The U.S. strongly opposed the amendment.
"According to the International Gay and Lesbians Human Rights Commission, the UN General Assembly's Third Committee on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian issues removed "sexual orientation" from a resolution addressing extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions this past week in a vote that was overwhelming represented by a majority of African, Middle East and Caribbean [led by Cuba] nations."
More details here.

But things changing in Cuba. And Castro II is more pragmatic. And he is releasing political prisoners. And more direct infusion of money and tourists is gonna change their minds. And... I have a bridge for sale. Wanna buy it?

PS - Can someone please alert the troops of useful idiots that haven't received the memo yet?

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casey said...

So, what do you think the U.S. can do? I'm a political junkie, and a self proclaimed individualist and classical, Jeffersonian liberal, and I don't pretend to know a whole lot about Cuba. But, I've seen Before Night Falls (three times, actually). And I've read enough to know Castro is a dictator and Che was a sociopath. Would lifting the embargo, and allowing U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba, change things? Look, Americans are not the same as Canadians. We are much more critical of things other than hockey and curling.