Dec 14, 2010

We've been calling off this red flags...

... for a long, long time. Regardless, I still feel that nobody is listening.

Then, I can't help thinking: do Americans really need to live like I lived in Cuba or like this writer did in Russia to learn their lesson the hard way.

Are you, my fellow Americans, willing to pay the highest price for your lifetime lesson?

If so, please read before you keep commiting mass suicide:

The Modern Left (Unmasked)

 "... the names are unimportant.  The Lefts true believers will likely scream bloody murder at comparisons between their philosophy and Socialism, even though birds of a feather have been shown to flock together in London, Pittsburgh, and Toronto..."

"...To be sure, they all share and wish to perpetuate a basic misunderstanding of two Constitutions -- a Soviet one that promised what a government would do for its citizenry, and an American one that guarantees what a government will not do to its people..."

(Via  American Thinker)

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