Feb 16, 2011

Cuban political prisoner forcibly released by castro's government

About a week ago, the news started to spread that the Cuban government was planning to release prominent political prisoners against their refusal to be freed, unless the castro's thugs agreed to release the sick prisoners first.

Angel Moya -one of  castro's worst fears- was one of them and Alberto de la Cruz, from Babalu Blog, interviewed him over the phone.

Here is the English transcription of their conversation.

In it, he describes how he was forcibly removed from prison, dressed in a police car and dumped in his apartment in Alamar, where the gov't thugs from the Rapid Response Brigades (in-your-face philosophy, remember?) held a repudiation act against him and his family.

For more background information on who is this Cuban freedom fighter, go here, and here. To read about him and his family, go here.

Godspeed, man, y buena suerte!

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