Feb 3, 2011

Where is my government-mandated ration of global warming?

... but this Cubanita wonders if I need to produce the rationing book from the tropical gulag in order to receive my minimal dose of warmer temps...hey, whatever it takes, if we are being blinded and frozen by snow and record low temperatures in 1/3 of the United States!

Since we're in the topic, I wanted to share drillanwr's superb take on this global-warming-that-in-winter-is-called-climate change, over there at Babalu Blog.

Enjoy! After all, I'll have a balmy 35 F ovah here today.

PS-Wholeheartedly dedicated to a scientist-inquiring mind... while this Caribbean girl in Colorado daydreams with sun, salty water and white sands...  :)

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