Jul 28, 2007

Back "arriba de la bola"

Long time no writing.
I know.
I've been busy. Actually, pretty busy.

The good thing about it?
Now I have a whole list --remember me, the lists, and following the lists?-- of things I have to write about. I have to do it as soon as possible, otherwise, details could get lost in time.

A sneak-preview?
  • The Cuban bakery have been logging in some every time, to mostly delight other Cubans visiting Colorado.
  • Working Mami in the U.S. is thrilled at her new job. I feels good they way I see it: before, I could only write about this issues. Now, I can actually DO something about them. At least, poner mi granito de arena.
  • Nicolás is crawling a todo tren por la casa. That boy is full throttle 24 hours a day!
  • Yesterday was my birthday. You guys know the drill: all the Cubans we could find in northern Colorado, with all the food you are not even able to imagine, a troop of kids around the house, and the dominó. The bad part? This year me tocó "la tiñosa"... and it does not feel good, AT ALL.
  • You've got to see that boy and his flip-flops... you know... mami enamorada de esas paticas ricas.
  • A confession? I still haven't started Nicolás scrapbook... not even because I got one that it's pre-canned.

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