Aug 24, 2007

A public service note, and a prayer.

For the public service, the news is that Babalu blog is down, probably due to heavy traffic. The prayer is between the one up there and me; so, won't give public comments on that.

The topic is obvious: Barbatruco colgó los tennis, probably a few days ago, and they are cooking up the version to say it clearly. Or not? May be they are going to show us a verdeolivo dressed Muppet? Who knows... with Castro's regimen, you really never know.

Reporting from the front range hills at the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado: Mami just talked to my cousins in Havana and they said nothing is happening in that area. They also said it's worthless to call them: usually, here we get the news faster than them. And they are right.

The cousin in Tenerife, Canarian Islands, in Spain, also said she hasn't heard anything. That we have to call her right away, no matter the hours, if we hear something.

Sister in law from Miami said in a quick call that friends of her talked to relatives in Cuba and they said something was being cooked up. But we don't know for sure.

Should I climb Longs Peak or at least speed up to the Continental Divider, sothe "guy up there"can heard my prayers better?

Or should I rent him a UHaul for his move to "el reparto bocarriba"?
That would be a true public service action!

Keeping track of the events? Just go here.

Cubanita in Colorado out.
... but still praying.

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