Aug 20, 2007

Sometimes I just can not stay calm

I really do.
I breath and read over the quote I have on top of my blog. Then I lean back on my chair and say to myself that I am supposed to write mostly, about my kiddo and our family memories.
But sometimes I can't.
Especially, when I get emails from friends telling me about things like the latest column of María Elena Salinas on Cubans immigrants.
Click here if you want to read her column in Spanish.

I have to say I always try to give the benefit of the doubt.(I guess is the mix of law school and journalist ethics still living in me).

I Google more than one newpaper or media outlet online. I read the stuff over and over.
But sometimes I just can not stay calm.

I wonder why María Elena Salinas --or so many other people-- can not understand the difference between an immigrant moved mostly by economic factors and a refugee. Is that hard to understand that we are not immigrants, that we are refugees?

I wonder why she didn't write about the way her own people, the Mexicans, treat, betray, denounce and abuse other immigrants from Central American countries while trying to make their way to the promise land and have no other choice that crossing through México.

Everything your compatriotas are claiming here, it's being denied to immigrants and refugees arriving to México. So, it's like "haz lo que yo digo pero no lo que yo hago?". Humm...

I wonder why she didn't mention that may be, may be the reasons Cubans have to leave their homeland, risking their lives at every intent, are slightly different from the reasons the Mexicans have to immigrate to the U.S.

I wonder if she really knows that most Cubans refugees in the U.S. do not agree with those human smuggling operations: we know they are dangerous, we know that money it's behind them, we know all those things...

But we also know that sometimes Cubans in the island just don't have any other choices. They are not fleeing for food or a better paid job; they are fleeing for freedom and sometimes, for their own lives.

As a fellow journalist, I used to admire her job pro immigrants in the U.S.
Now I'm not that sure.
I guess that money and fame can operate wonders in a person's professional biases.

Ay, María Elena, es tan fácil nadar cuando se está fuera del agua!.
(It's so easy to swim when you are outside the water).

But it's good that we both ARE in the United States, isn't it?
You can have your opinion. And I can have mine.

You don't need to understand or even be sympathetic to the situation in Cuba.
I --and all the Cubans in the U.S. and spread all over the world-- have enough supplies to do for you, and for us.

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Jewbana said...

At least you have the stomach to read her stuff. I can't stand the sight of her. It's like CNN aka castro's news network, or NBC aka nothing but commies. Yuk!
When Cuba's free, you can be that most of us wont forget the criminals, and accomplices (Mexico, Canada, Spain, Jamaica, Bahamas, Venezuela, Brazil, etc...etc...). NEVER FORGET! NEVER!
We should hunt them down like the Jews hunt for Nazis.