Sep 21, 2007

ABC, Cuba and a sad truth

It was good start. Finally, somebody got under his (or her) pants what is required to say in the American mainstream media, the reality about Cuba.
20/20 kicked the ball with a small segment at the end of the show, two weeks ago. (I even wrote to the show to congratulate them for that first step)

But, reality struck us again, and something happened that the topic was not mentioned in the following show. Nothing about the footage they have taken in Cuban hospitals and health facilities, without the government authorization. Finito. Zip. Borrón y cuenta nueva.

What happened?
I read somewhere that the ABC's bureau in Cuba was called to an "urgent meeting" with government officials...

Sad but true: it was just a first step. That's was all is was about.
Some body's balls got cut. One more time.

Wait a minute, why am I being surprised by this?
I've seen this movie before.

You know the drill; la felicidad en casa del pobre dura poco.
But, since la esperanza es lo último que se pierde, truth will prevail and some day, those footages will see the light.
And those Moore-sapiens out there will need to stick their tongue right there... where the sunshine does not reach their bodies.

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