Sep 21, 2007

Backstage in "Havana Ink"

Away from my original topic for this blog, again.
But it's just impossible to let go and don't comment on the brutality and atrocities of the Cuban government against those who dare to think or express themselves against the regimen.

Desperate measures have been taken; tattoos have become a form of freedom of expression, but the punishments are unbelievable.
Cross-posted from Uncommon Sense, this is the story of a young Black Cuban with Aids, the choice he made to protest against the government, and the price he paid: hot irons to try to remove the tattoos in his forehead reading " USA".
Dr. Darsi Ferrer, a Cuban physician and independent journalist in the island, is who denounced how the government secret police has tried to removed tattoos from people's skin, because the message is not convenient. And everything happened just last week.

You can read his original story, in Spanish, here.
Did I hear something about the Cuban paradise and its wonderful health care system and great treatment for HIV/Aids patients? Or were they just SICKO thoughts coming out of my crazy brain?

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