Sep 13, 2007

My To Do's (write) list

OK. I admitted. I've been pretty busy, and most of the time, exhausted. (For Christ's sake, that boy doesn't sleep!)Hence, the writing and the blog always ended up in the last place of my list.

But, I haven't forget about it.
I am the kind of gal that makes lists, and actually follow them --most of the time.
So, here is my list of pending posts:

  • We. Are. Americans. Excuse my falta de modestia, but we, the Cubans in Greeley, Colorado, deserve to congratulate ourselves. We took our naturalization test and interview this Tuesday (Yep, indeed, it was Sept. 11th). Please, roll the red carpet all the way from the Rocky Mountains; it was a very hard day, but we MADE IT!By the way, we are still celebrating and planning to continue the comelatas for a few days.
  • My impression on the Cuban health care system segment on ABC's 20/20 last week. Great first step! Wrote to the show. I had to. You know the drill: once a reporter, always a reporter.
  • While sorting the obstacles to finally get to our citizenship test (quite hard ones, but that's a story for another post) I couldn't help but remembering the 9/11 of 2001, and how we woke up that day in Miami Beach, and everything that happened after.
  • Abuela from Holland is here. Nicolás face when she arrived? Serious, pretty damn serious for a kiddo that smiles almost 23 and half hours of the day. But things were better by this morning: a huge plush bear y su pomo de leche can work wonders.
  • The boy is obsessed with the computer. Got to see him standing, barely in tip toes, to reach the keyboard. Maybe, the birthday fairy should start making plans to get one of those toy-computers-for-baby's. (Hopefully, that was NOT made in China). Pics from the computer savvy will come soon.

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Marta said...

First - Felicidades on passing the Naturalization test. Que siga la comelata!!
Second - I'm looking forward to reading all your posts. =D