Sep 7, 2007

Starting my day with a SICKO vomit

I know, I know Nicolás probably would hate me if he could read this blog now and see that I can't help going over and over the same topic... but I just have to tell the world that this morning, I started my day with a SICKO vomit.

Taking a look at the sneak-peak of ABC's 20/20 show on Cuba's health care system, scheduled to be aired tonight, I almost throw up when I saw Michael Moore saying that he asked to be given the same treatment that a regular Cuban would receive.

(When he took the 9/11 rescue workers to be treated in Cuba... in the Amejeiras's Hospital!!)

Give. Me. A. Break.
Anyone that has lived in Cuba knows that regular Cubans DON'T even cross the main door of that hospital.
I think this guy goes WAY beyond being naive... or is he just plainly stupid? Or both? Or something even worse?

Ay, Dios mío, yo no puedo con él! Y pensar que los panaderos se levantan todos los días a las 5 de la mañana...

My question to Moore and the thousands that thinks like him is a no-brainer:
If you are so sure that things in Cuba are so good, what the hell are you doing here? Why don't you just go to live there?

(By the way, not as an American in the privileged Cuba, but as regular Cuban citizen, without dollars, without family abroad sending dollars, without working in the tourism and without being in the highest classes of the government and the military).

That's why I do have some expectations from this show.
I do really hope that the American mainstream media, at least once, would have done a good job with their investigative reporting.

I can't help it... I still have faith in the journalism's ethics.
Somewhere, deep down in some part of this great country, somebody should have the moral obligation -- and the required balls-- to say the truth about Cuba.

Will 20/20 fill those expectations?
Let's see the show tonight, and we can talk later...

PS: if you don't trust me and need a second opinion, please, take a look at this testimony from a doctor currently living in Cuba, cross posted from Babalú.

Not enough? Got more for you: ... a 28 years old political prisoner just died in Cuba without the medical attention and the medicines he needed to control his high blood pressure.
See the independent report here.

Need more? Let me know and I can give you more proves to uncover the "excellent health care system in Cuba". But be aware: you'll need countless hours connected to the Internet.

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