Dec 11, 2007

Did I heard "honoring Human Rights Day" ?

A wrapping up post about the tireless quest of Cuban dissidents to honor Human Rights Day and their ultimate quest to end apartheid in Cuba.

The credits go to all those Cuban (and non-Cuban) bloggers and independent journalists that teamed up this day to spread the word.

A big "Gracias" to Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez and all the dissidents that marched yesterday in Cuba, amid the beaten of the thugs from Castro's government.

To see a collection of photos from the march, go here.

What I consider the best media coverage of yesterday's events? The op/ed from the Charleston Press and Courier unmasking Castro's hypocrisy.

Need real life images? Check the video from the march here.

The reports from Cuban independent journalists (in Spanish), via Misceláneas de Cuba, can be read here.

Take a look at the new human rights friendly decorations at the Cuban consulate in Barcelona.

The Sun Sentinel came out with a very good coverage of the march;
not BS allowed by reporter Ray Sanchez.

To meet the hombre nuevo Castro have been fabricating in the past 50 years (and the Cuban dissidents facing the thugs) take a look here.

For a summary of the videos showed in several Miami stations showing the brutal attacks against peaceful demonstrators, go here.

To give yourself notice of the threats, arrest, harassment and assaults suffered by Cuban dissidents planning to attend the march, check this post.

For those needing a reminder of why Dr. Darsi Ferrer called to an end to the apartheid in Cuba, check his blog (Basta de Apartheid en Cuba) linked to my "Cuban blogosphere" bar.

To see the premier launching poster of a series to come, click in my new "Se busca / Wanted" section, just to your right...

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