Dec 10, 2007

Poniendo la otra mejilla... all for human rights (UPDATED)

(2:01 p.m. Mountains Time)
Check the AP story, published in El Nuevo Herald, here.

Wanna try some dissection?
  • 11 paragraphs / sentences to the officialist speech, led by the least-useful-idiot of Pérez Roque's quotes. Castro's propaganda by the pound, and for free.
  • 4 paragraphs / sentences in reference to the dissidents; not a single quote from the included. Like if the whole Anti Apartheid campaing was non-existent.

Either J-School caused me serious and irreversible brain damage, or AP correspondents really suck when dealing with biases.


(3:31 p.m. East)
See the photo of Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his wife being pushed by the hordes of the Rapid Response Brigade during their attempt to make a peaceful and silent demonstration in Havana here.

More faces of the thugs threatening peaceful dissidents can be checked here.

(12:26 p.m. Mountains Time)
The Real Cuba just posted more details on repression in Cuba on Human Rights Day. Dr. Darsi Ferrer and others planning to make a peaceful walk in a Havana's park are being the victims; and the real life heroes:

BREAKING NEWS - Dr. Darsi Ferrer, his wife and several dissidents severely beaten by Castro's state security. Lazaro Garcia Cernuda, former Secretary of the Partido Pro Derechos Humanos en Cuba, was able to reach Dr. Darsi Ferrer around noon today. I just listened to the phone conversation that was recorded by Garcia Cernuda.

Dr. Ferrer said that while he, his wife Yusmaini, Manuel Benito del Valle Ruiz, a Spaniard who came to Cuba to participate in the march, and several other dissidents tried to walk to the park where the march was supposed to take place, they were intercepted by state security officer who told them that they would be killed if they tried to reach the park...
Castro's thugs yelled obscenities and hit several times Manuel Benito del Valle Ruiz, who is a Spanish

(12:50 p.m. East)
Word from Babalu Blog that Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez was beaten up by Cuban military forces.
No details available yet.

I know my prayers won't ease his pain, but for Christ's sake, in the distance, we are suffering with him and with all those Cubans that today took the streets of Havana to call for an end to the Cuban apartheid.


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