Jan 10, 2008

Another one bites the dust... or bitten by los mosquitos imperialistas

In my daily rounds of morning news about Cuba (jeez! I can't really help to stop that!) I read a report, both in The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, about an American academic who, doing a field research in Santiago de Cuba, chocó con la bola of the reality in the Cuban health care system.

I immediately said to myself: "I have to write something about this, just to prove that what I've said about my cousin ( a doctor in Cuba) being "asked" to hide the truth about the dengue epidemic, were not delusions of my brain".

Then, continuing my "morning rounds", I realized that fellow Cuban blogger Alberto de la Cruz already posted about it at Babalú. (Not that I am jealous, but man! this Mountain Time is not doing me any favor!.)

Anyway, what's important have already been said here, and in Spanish, here. And please, don't mind the comments of the useful idiots in the paper's website... they just don't have nothing more important to do with their sucking lives.

What a pity that well educated and professional Americans, con dos dedos de frente, are still siding with the hypocrisy of Castro's regimen. It is sad to see that it takes a person to get really sick to unveil, at least a little, what Cubans have been living daily, for the past forty something years.

Wanna try some dengue cocktail, Michael "Sicko" Moore?

By the way, Professor Hirschfeld is publishing a book about her experience and guess what? It's not being very well received by the academia. Qué raro, eh?

George, from The Real Cuba, also posted about her book here.


albertodelacruz said...


Too bad you couldn't be there to hear her lecture. It was amazing. All I could think of was how incredible it would be if only just a few, not everyone, just a few would come around to embrace the truth and the reality of what life in Cuba is. Positive things would happen so much faster for the island of Cuba.

But we have to be thankful that we have her, and we can hope that she and her book will reach 100, who in turn will reach 25 each, and those reach 10 each... and so on, and so on, and so on.

It could happen.

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Totally agree with you... I wish I could be there to listen to her, personally. I do hope to make up with the book, though...

May be I should start recommending it in the presentations about Cuba I've doing around here, because it's true... one single person that can learn about Cuba's reality, at least is going to be one less individual believing in Castro's lies.

I do believe in the human being; that's way when, after finishing one of those presentations, a young student asked me what he could do to help Cubans, I just ask him: Just spread the word, please.