Jan 10, 2008

Castro's "scare tactics" are proven wrong

They are just a piece a rubber, someone could says... but the white pieces of rubber, with the word CAMBIO, are taking over the streets of Cuba, despite arrests and threats. Directorio Demócratico Cubano brings us the news that even in the gulag's prisons, the CAMBIO bracelets are saying "Presente!". Marc gave us the heads up this morning, at Babalú. Check the original independent report, in Spanish, here.

The web is full of examples like this, about what happens in a dictatorship when you decided to speak up your mind through a piece of rubber band.

But, if someone has doubts about the cruelty and repression that marks daily life in Cuba, go to Uncommon Sense and read this other report of what can happens to you when you dare to ware the CAMBIO bracelets in Cuba.

From the distance, it feels really good to witness that some people in Cuba, con los pantalones bien puestos, are waking up and standing, openly, against the regimen. I feel very proud of all of them, because I do know what they're risking by doing that.

I am SO waiting for my order to arrive!

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