Feb 20, 2008

I have discovered a little treasure

It's hidden in a modern building next to my house, packed with books containing amazing revelations for me; a child of Castro's revolution.
It's the public library.

I wonder how, despite having covered the issue several times for La Tribuna (Disclaimer while visiting the site: the paper went out of business a few weeks ago and when I was there, there was not website, so this link now belongs to a second publication, named the same, being published in the mountains), I never imagine they could have or order for you so many books and materials about Cuba, sometimes both in English and Spanish.

I already set up two waiting lists online and they'll call me when the stuff is ready for pick up. You can have the books for one month and are allowed to renew it online up to four more weeks, and you can have the movies for one week. Everything is free and if you're are late in the returning they charge you a fee: 10 cents.

To jump start my own "revolution reeducation program", yesterday I started with "Fidel Castro & Company, Inc: communist tyranny in Cuba, by Manuel Urrutia Lleó, to learn first hand el rollo de la presidencia provisional de Urrutia.

I remember in the history classes I'd always tried to understand the order of the events and there was always a missing link. The story never added up to me and I think that, finally, I've found that link, in the voice of the main character.
(I'll post again when I finish the book)

Next in line is one that I've some doubts with; but I'll check anyway to see if my presumptions are correct or not: Ninety Miles: Cuban Journeys in the Age of Castro, by Ian Michael James.

And along those lines I've reserved "Waiting for snow in Havana", "Child of the Revolution", "Fidel Castro: Hollywood's favorite tyrant", "Cannibal Island", "Exposing the real Che Guevara and the useful idiots who idolized him", "Katyn", and about ten more.

To put some cherry on the cake, I've also found "La Cucarachita Martina" and other children stories that take me back to my childhood and I'm planning to introduce to Nicolás --when he no longer try to tear the pages-- along with a dozen of DVD's with Cuban movies that I've already seen (but are really worth to see again), Pedro Almodóvar's classics and other jewels like "The live of others".

There are even busier times ahead: I'll need to use my lunchtime, bathtime and who know how many other "odd" times to read and keep up with the movies, but this is kind of a "new year late resolution" and I really hope I can fullfill it.

But it's good that I'll have the chance to fill in those blanks and the best of it; I can do it for free --well, not that much, because I am paying for it with my taxes, but it's good anyway.

(Which takes me back to the script I grew up with:
esos imperialistas yanquis son más malos (?)

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