Feb 19, 2008


What's the news?
Nothing new, more of the same... Barbatruco resigned and the entire world is going into this media frenzy, well, you know, for nothing.

But this morning, it was funny in my house, after all.
When I was getting ready to go to work (sunny and warmy morning here in colorful Colorado, by the way) I just had this impulso to turn on the TV and check CNN news.

And saw the headlines with castro's resignation and the "experts" in a perfectly designed line-up to talk about the "history of the Cuban revolution" and bla, bla, bla --no that I was expecting something different from CNN.

(Then, la Sweetie, that was outside doing her business, started "knocking" in the door to get inside, and I opened the door while still looking at the TV, and got scared like hell when she dropped at my feet the gift of a dead, frozen poor little bunny that she found I don't know where, but that's another story)

BTW, Mami said que hay que jugar el perro, el conejo y, el caballo, of course!

Anyway, I promptly called my gang in Cuba and there was no news: "esto es lo mismo con lo mismo (this is same crap)", I was told, "we're not surprised, we saw this coming, don't you worry at all".
Cuba out.

And it is not that we, Cubans, don't hold hopes of a democratic change in our country. It's that we, contrary to the MSM, know what it takes to achieve that change. And by no means is the resignation of the old man that have been destroying the lives of so many Cubans for so many years.

Entonces... having that reporter's ink still embeded in my veins, I couldn't help to post a comment at my local newspaper, you know, just to make an statement. There are not Calle 8 or Versailles here and we're not that many either, but it is always healthy to aclarar algunas mentes, just in case, and here I share it with you all:

So what?
Big news and huge fuzz from the MSM; castro –not capital “C” on purpose- resigned (or was resigned, should I say?) and media outlets everywhere are dusting off the pre-written obituaries, time-lines and so on. What a pitiful report from AP and others… it’s just more of the same.

The only good thing is that – as I’ve said almost two years ago when he temporarily handed-out the power to raúl,this could be the beginning of the end. But please, note that, it's just the beginning…

Until we have real democratic and free elections, freedom for the dissidents and political prisoners that are rottening to death in castro’s gulag, freedom of the press, respect for human rights and civil liberties nothing will change in Cuba, a country that have been ruined by castro & Co. for half a century.

The news here is that this is more of the same: the political machine of repression is still in place and as long as the same old communists get recycled, the transition to a democratic society will be a chimera. This is something that most Cubans, inside and outside the island were basically waiting; this is not surprise for them.

Too bad the AP reporter only got a reaction from a castro lover; no comments from the Ladies in White, from the independent journalists and librarians or from the political prisoners. How convenient! Gosh… why I am not surprised!

So far ('till my latest reading of the news) the reaction from Bush has been the only one consistent with the suffering of the Cuban people, you know, the average Joe’s; those who are not in the military of the government’s elites, those who have no dollars, those who live in the other side of the apartheid… those who Michael Moore slightly forgot to include in his documentary.

But not everything is bad news.

After years of hopeless lives, we, Cubans, have learned to search for a tiny light deep in our misery. At least, in a far, far away land, a Danish newspaper reported something along the lines of “what a good riddance!”, and EFE shed some light on the idea that this might be the moment to reopen a trial against castro for crimes of “lesa humanidad” because, at least in theory, he will no longer have the immunity of being the head of the state.

That would really be the news!

The funniest part of this?
That yesterday I was in contact with The Grand Junction Sentinel's reporter that did the profile on Charlie Tamayo to ask him to tell Tamayo that I've sent two letters to the US Senators from Colorado to call their attention into his case, and we ended up talking about how many Cubans were in Northern Colorado and that he needed to have a pool of sources to interview in the happy event of castro's death. (I don't blame him for that; that's any reporter eternal quest, and I offered him my help because the point here is to spread the word, by all means possible)

And by yesterday I mean a few hours before the first news about it was posted in the site of Granma International (Here in Spanish & here in English)

Caballero! Do I have a sixth sense for the perfect timing or what!

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