Mar 18, 2008

Remembering a black spring

Today is a sad day to remember.
It takes me back to Cuba, to the days of the 2003 spring, when the regimen's political police threw in the gulag's prisons 75 pacific dissidents, most of them independent journalists and librarians.
For some it is not a secret that their groups were infiltrated by castro's segurosos. Not news in that country, where you are being watched by everybody, everywhere and anytime.
It also takes me back to the day that I decided I will finally pursue a career in journalism in the United States. Sadly, the news also gave me the topic for the essay I wrote to be accepted in FIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
In a very subtle way, I saw it as my own homage to them; to their courage, to their families and to all the innocent victims of castro's dictatorship.

But, above all, these are the days when we hold Angelito and Bertica in a very special place. And even when they are always in our minds all year around since year 2003, these are the days when we think of Lieny and Machi the most.
Some day, hopefully pretty soon, I'll be able to explain why.
For now, I keep them in my prayers. Here, they will never be forgotten.
Sites cited in this post include: Babalú, Uncommon Sense, PayoLibre and Blog for Cuba. Thanks!

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