Mar 3, 2008

Un vacío de noventa millas

I have finished the second book in my revolution reeducation program, and let me tell you, no me dio frío ni calor. I'm talking about "Ninety miles: cuban journeys in the age of castro", one of the books más sosos that I've read in the past recent years.

Gutiérrez-Menoyo's tale? Well, I did got some details from his earlier relationship with castro and the revolution --which is good. But other than that, the whole thing still does not add up to me. Call me desconfiada or whatever, but I just don't buy it.

Nancy Lledes's story? Well, maybe for the author her life was a novel. For me, I'm just so used to stories like hers that it's basically no-news for me anymore.

The golden nugget of the book? Paquito D'Rivera story. Why? Because I belong to that generation of Cubans that didn't knew who he was until we left the island. It was nice read about a musician, a glory from my country, that "someone" just decided to erase from the dictionary I grew up with.

I didn't have high expectations though... para no hacer el cuento muy largo, this book is missing something... I don't know, a stronger hook, spices, Cuban flavor. I've read other book written by journalists and they are, generally, very compelling stories where you are able to "see" and "feel" what you're reading.

Not this one.
You go all the way to end without feeling anything, and that's not a good sign when you are reading to trying to reeducate yourself.

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