Apr 8, 2008

A la potencia médica se le gastaron las pilas

The so called "Cuban health care paradise" it running out of gas; literally.

First, El Correo Digital from Vizcaya, Spain, publishes this report that, among other things, (my own translation) , Cuban journalists were called to a meeting where they were asked to help to prepare the population to assimilate future changes.

Some of the mentioned changes is the possibility that the government will call retired doctors to work in order to alleviate the crisis in the Cuban health care system due to the lack of medical professionals.

Then Reuters reports (in Spanish), as an exclusive news, that the free program of médicos de la familia (family physicians programs) is going to be reorganized, after complaints made by the citizens. Here is the article in English.

The report recognizes that Cuban citizens has complaint that the program became useless after Cuba started sending thousands of family doctors to Venezuela, in 2000.

The medical source also states that more than half of those medical offices will be closed and that the number of doctor in other clinics will be increased. The whole reorganization program is portrayed as another reform to the health system promoted by raúl castro's government.

And today, El Nuevo Herald comes with this report that Panamá is rejecting the Cuban doctors, in a similar situation to that happened before in Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Is this for real?
Well, I am not sure, but it was about time for them (the government) to realized that the theater have been falling down --literally-- in front of their own eyes, while the Cubans de a pie suffer the consequences.

Maybe, pretty soon my cousin won't longer need to be on call in the hospital in a 24 hrs shift, up to four times in a week, being the only OB/GYN specialist and taking care of twenty something vaginal deliveries and 10 C-sections in a single night. Yes, in only one night.

Still, there is a question that is a must.
Where are the changes to the core? Where are the changes to guarantee the real freedom that will prompt long term solutions for Cuba's mess?

For the sake of Cuba, I hope the answers is not going to be some sort of Caribbean Chinese model. (A model of what???!!!)

H/T to Medicina Cubana, Penúltimos Días and Babalú.

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