Apr 16, 2008

Back to the net with some good news

Well, I've got to tell you: this is the fourth time I try to post here in the past five days. Along my internet connection lousiness, I have no idea what was wrong with blogger. But finally, we're back with some news.

I was surprised when I checked the comments of my previous post about the skills we've been mastering over here in the past few days; they talked about the 11 de abril awards. "What the heck are Premios 11 de Abril?", I asked myself.

My first line of though was "this is some kind of email chain stuff, where you are supposed to foward the message to twenty something people or a terrible course will fall on top of your head".

Then, I went to check Ideas del Forista and learned that the 11 de abril awards were created by Venezuelan blogger Alexis Marrero, to recognize the hard work of bloggers from Venezuela and other countries in this never ending quest for freedom and democracy.

Along with being a good idea to increase any blog's traffic, hits and comments, it's a great form of networking, to raise awareness about the need of freedom and democracy in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, among thousand others. And, as the old saying says, "honrar, honra".

That's why I wanted to thank El Compañero and Libertad de Expresión for including my humble efforts translated into a blog into their lists. I feel honored. So, to keep on the tradition --just in case-- here are the 15 blogs I consider should also be recognized. (In not special order)

  1. The Real Cuba

  2. Uncommon Sense

  3. Babalú Blog

  4. Claudia 4 Libertad

  5. My Big Fat Cuban Family

  6. Blog for Cuba

  7. Ideas del Forista

  8. Child of the Revolution

  9. Generación Y

  10. Potro Salvaje

  11. SinEVAsión

  12. CubaWatch

  13. Secretos de Cuba

  14. Medicina Cubana

  15. Cuba Companioni

But there are so many other that also deserve to be recognized, that the list could turn out being endless. Please, never quit the fight. Our future depends on that.


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