Apr 23, 2008

Noche (o días?) de ronda

Back from sick team.
I had to leave work early on Monday and ended up with my doctor and a bunch of tests just to find out all my aliments were caused by a nasty stomach virus.

Guess what I find when I finally got home?
An even nastier news.

Mami telling me "arrastraron a Bertica y a otras damas de blanco por la calle. Lo acabo de ver en la televisión". (Bertica and other Ladies in White were dragged through the streets. I just saw it on TV".

Yes. That Bertica.
Berta Soler, wife of Ángel Moya, our lifetime neighbors from Alamar.

Enraged and disgusted, I couldn't do more than praise her por tener los pantalones bien puestos --not to repeat here the adjective we use in plain Cuban.

I will never, ever, in my entire life get tired of admire her and her courage to stand for her husband and family. I also know that someday, not very far in the future, we'll have the chance the talk about it personally. I really hope so.

For us, on this free side of the word, the public and televised abuse against the Ladies in White gave us a first hand lesson: cell phones, microwaves, toaster ovens, motorcycles and other gadget the average Cuban can not afford have absolutely nothing to do with freedom.

The heir has taught a lesson to the world:
he's conducting businesses as usual.

Hasta cuándo, Dios mío, hasta cuándo?

H/T to Uncommon Sense, The Real Cuba and Ideas del Forista.

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