Apr 17, 2008

Tengo, vamos a ver, lo que tenía que tener?

As usual, Alfredo Pong, da en el clavo.

The Miami Herald reported the "good news" last Saturday.
Same day The Washington Post printed this.
Wasn't this supposed to be a good news? A sign of progress and changes?, anyone could say.
Well, not exactly. Not if you pay attention to the terms "state workers" and "state-owned homes".
I guess if I could roll time back, maybe my Mom wouldn't be kicked out like a dog --with Comité thugs and police cars included-- from the boxy apartment in Alamar where I left her living when I left Cuba.
Oh! wait a minute! ... maybe she wouldn't qualify anyway... she was not an state worker.
Are you following me here?
The golden question is the same we have been asking after the right to buy cell phones, the right to stay in hotels (while they charge you a higher rate than foreign tourists), the right to buy computers, microwave ovens and toasters at prices that equal one year's salary --or more.
Why couldn't Cubans own their homes before? Why they were not allowed to inherit them?
Pure and simple make-up techniques, imitating a property title.
This is more of the same crap.

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