May 19, 2008

El país de la siguaraya

It's a very old saying... in the siguaraya's country, anything can happens. "Este es el país de la siguaraya", you would commonly heard in Cuba when something almost unbelievable happened.

Don't believe me? Dig these:

Yoani Sánchez has started receiving visits maybe from el jefe de sector and the CDR thugs?. The usual threats. I can only wonder how they didn't start sooner... me extraña que siendo arañas se caigan de la pared. Or, are they luchando el baro del Ortega y Gasset?

Who knows... remember, it's el país de la siguaraya.

The Cuban government announces it will have a press conference to show the world the proof that the US government and its representatives in Cuba are financially supporting terrorists (dissidents) inside the island.

The only irrefutable proof demonstrated is that the political police illegally intercepts the mail of diplomatic personnel; and they are not even capable of effectively use this common violation to their own benefit. Here is the original AP report. Cazador cazado?

Now, the question is: Is it a coincidence that last week was announced that Michael Permly will the replaced in his position in la SINA? Humm...

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald both published entire packages with the news (I wonder if they received any direct hint; the paper I used to work for received one before ICE overhauled the local meat-packing plant, but that's another story).

Para ponerle la tapa al pomo, Cuban journalist (??) Marta Rojas opportunistically changes political directions as if she was changing her shoes...(her shoes?, well, maybe before 1959) And there is a letter to prove it.
Why am I not surprised?

See, the thing is that in Cuba, siguaraya goes beyond Benny Moré, Oscar D'León and Celia Cruz's rhythms. It goes beyond the magical plant that belongs to Shangó. It doesn't matter if you try to use it to open your ways and to close your enemies'.

Back there in the gulag, it also means that anything could happen, especially when talking about the commies' dirty laundry and those who dare to speak up against them.

What a magic!

H/T to Babalú Blog and Penúltimos Días


Girb said...

Oye tremendo blog. I found it looking for information on the Siguaraya plant. I like it.


Cubanita said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like it.