May 14, 2008

I have a (mountain) crush

Víspera del Día de las Madres, 2008, next to the stream of the Big Thompson River that goes through downtown Estes Park. (Man, these heavy coats do not make me any favor, picture-wise... I still need to shed some pounds...)

I do have special feelings for Colorado places --amid the terrible weather this colorful land sometimes throw at us.

It's a kind of crush; a feeling of well being that never goes away, no matter how many times you make the drive and breath the air up there. (More or less like the relationship Marta has with Disneyland, you know? Who, BTW, it's an amazing cook and cookbook's author)

One of those places I'm in love with is Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park (NMNP).

Last week I attended a training conference there and I've got to tell you, in the four years I've leaving around here, I never get tired of this place.

It's like: "OK, I can hit the road and drive up there every single weekend". I love the road (US 34, that basically goes from the corner of my house to Estes Park), and I do love the re-energizing feeling I always get when I'm there.

It was hard to be away from my kiddo; the first time. Horrible, to be more exact.
But I compensated it with the views and the peace. It was not exactly a vacation, but indeed a very much needed break.

Here are some memories from the views that accompanied me all the way up.
(More on my RMNP's adventures to come)

Skyline from Estes Park, in a windy and warm spring day of May 2008

"Twin Owls", a mountain formation that surrounds the valley where Estes Park is located. If you watch closely, you could see the two owls, looking to the west (right), with their big pechugas, really close to one another.

Allow me to introduce you the Big Thompson River, alongside US 34, in the way to Estes Park. The river gives the name to the place where the road was built: Big Thompson Canyon.

Peaks from Rocky Mountain National Park, seen from my hotel room window in Estes Park. In theory, we're in spring, but these breathtaking mountains usually keep their snow-peaks all year long. It's so wonderful to be up there! And I mean, right up there!

A close-up from the Big Thompson River.

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