May 15, 2008

Struggling to find words and organize ideas

That's the feeling I had when I finished reading "Unvanquished; Cuba's resistance to Fidel Castro", by Enrique Encinosa. And I can not thank enough Ziva for suggesting the book. It's amazing.

It's a must. Is a book that belongs to all freedom loving citizens, not only in the US, but in the whole world.

I also see it as a golden mine of knowledge for Cubans from my generation, that were fed up completely distorted stories about the rise of the so called revolution. To start I've got to say I have to read it again. I want to make sure I got all the details; fresh and directo, forever in my mind.

To make a long story short, this book has left me with an invaluable lesson. A lesson that made me change some past thoughts about my fate for being born in Cuba, my disenchantment with the lie that I grew up and the never ending quest of asking why some people would ask us to fight against the regimen, while I used to see them as those who left just on time and inherited me that maniac system.

Encinosa's book has taught me that I was wrong.

Reading its testimonies I've learn the stories of so many brave Cubans that gave their lives fighting against communism since its early years, even though I grew up thinking they were really bandidos and criminals paid by the US.

But, what else can you expect from the brain-washing education you receive in Cuba? History distorted from all points to satisfy the psychotic mindset of a crazy murder.

Then, I can't help to start thinking in all those families from Sandino that I've met in my abuela's house in Guane and feel angry and sad remembering how they were re concentrated by the regimen. Or the brave women that fought against the rising of communism since the very beginning. Or the horror stories about the political prisoner in those early years --not that it has changed at all nowadays.

There are so many examples that I can't even put the words together to organize those thoughts. It's truly unbelievable all the horrors Cubans has faced in their quest for freedom, democracy and against communism.

Thanks to this book, I've learn so much about the Cubans who fought and gave their life or freedom in Bay of Pigs, about those who went to the Escambray --after being supporters of the monster in the fight against the previous dictator-- when they realized the treason, and about so many other black pages in the story of the castro regimen, that I now feel more empowered to spread the word about the reality of my country.

I have the power because I've known the testimonies that reflect the real face of all those in the cúpula; the so called heroes and so on... all fake, all lies, all treasons.

This is the sad story of a nation lost in the struggle of egocentric personalities and marxists solapados that don't give a damn about any single human being.
The sad story of a betrayed dream.

Now I understand even better what my tío told me in his death bed:
"Esto no es por lo que yo luché. Esto es una mierda".

But, above all, I can now humbly recognize that it was a generation that never gave up. They didn't inherited me a monster without putting up a fight. To the contrary, many of them gave their lives trying to change the course of the future society where I was supposed to be born.

All Cubans born and raised under castro's dictatorship should read this book. I hope one day in the near future they will. It the least we can do to say "Gracias por haberlo intentado".

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Anonymous said...

Cubanita, Unvanquished changed my life, and my view of this world we live in. I tell everyone who will listen to read this book. I´m not sure how many have, but your response makes all that urging, sometimes with unpleasant results so worth it. I keep it on my desk, as a reminder of true nature of the Cuban people. You characterized that generation as one who never gave up. We wont either. Thank you so much for reading. Una abrazo, Ziva