Jun 6, 2008

Brokeback Mountain, no more!

The new reformer heir of the Cuban animal farm, I mean, government, has authorized the sex reassignment surgeries for transsexuals. You've guessed it! For free.

They have to be evaluated by the Cenesex first. Not your doctor of choice, but the organization under the government's ruling --and leaded by raúl's daugther-- that takes care of those issues.

Hasta ahora el Cenesex ha diagnosticado transexuales a 27 personas y tiene en estudio a otras 57. De las primeras, 13 cambiaron su carnet de identidad oficial y siete lo están tramitando. Una de las diagnosticadas fue operada en 1988, bajo una autorización especial, y vive como mujer.

Que alguien me diga...
Can someone, please, explain me why the surgeries were not authorized before?

And, entre col y col, could someone also throw some info on why individuals with a sexual orientation different from heterosexuals were hunted down? Why castro's inc established the UMAP? Who gave them the righ to define what type of sex life Cubans should follow?

Oh, God, those confusions of mine!

H/T Penúltimos Días

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