Jun 26, 2008

Hablando de los conejos de España

Well, this is not exactly about bunnies, although it has to do --heavily-- with Spain.

It’s more about dirty laundry, hidden interests, lack of you-know-what, you name it. It's about the quest for freedom of a nation that has been suffering the iron fist of communism for 50 years.

Is about the masterful piece written from Cuba by Oswaldo Yañez on his blog, Conexión Cubana. (You can even have versions in English and Italian).

Go there if you want to learn how apes are more important to Spain that human rights and freedom for Cuban dissidents, if you want to learn about the failure of the castro’s inc economy, if you want to read how they are desperately trying to hold onto power, no matter how many dead bodies they have to leave in the middle of the way.

Go there and help yourself.
Mi casa es su casa.

The gaitos are salivating over the truckload of free mojitos.

H/T to Babalú Blog

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