Jun 27, 2008

Zimbabwe stolen elections; a sad Déja vu

Dios los cría y el diablo los junta
(Photos source: www.dailylife.com)

For a few days now the news about the fake elections in Zimbabwe has been all over. And I just can’t help to wonder… inevitablemente me pregunto, ¿por qué tengo la impresión de que esta película me es demasiado familiar?

This morning, from NPR to MSN, everyone is publishing the special packages with the reports about the violence, the voters being forced by Mugabe’s mobs to vote for him, the burnt and mutilated bodies of the opposition, the sole opposition runner-off taking refuge in the Dutch Embassy, his calls to his supporters not to endangered their lives… it’s a nightmare.

A nightmare whose victims are putting their last hopes in the international community.

An international community so worried with global warming, the end of the world, the green life and who knows how many, whether the Pope wears Prada or not and who knows how many other trivial things, that is paying deaf ears to the cries of totalitarian regimen’s victims all over the world, like the people of Zimbabwe.

Like for so many years they have done with the people of Cuba.

Then, I can’t help to go back in my memory, being an elementary school kid in communist Cuba, where we were taken out of school when people like Mugabe would visit castro’s tropical farm.

It would happen mostly to the kids attending the schools neighboring Havana’s International Airport. But sometime they would bus us there from farther places in the capital.

And there we were, in the curbside of the avenue leading to the airport, under the merciless sun, wearing our red uniforms and pañoletas, waving little flags, welcoming the compañero Mugabe. Later they would feed us a hearty merienda not common elsewhere else, and happy you go, bused back to your school.

Thus, I can’t help to feel remorse.

The same way I feel disgusted by the violent images from Zimbabwe, I can’t help to feel disgusted for the stolen elections we have had in Cuba in the past 50 years.

And the international community, in its majority, is still paying deaf ears. Will they need to see (if any MSM outlet has the guts to publish it) the mutilated and burnt bodies of Cubans to finally get it?


Companioni said...

it 's good to see someone linking the despot mugabe with one of his biggest supporters - the castro regime. Like so many other vile associations that the castro cartel has had over half century.
saludos mi hermana.

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Saludos a los vecinos y gracias por la visita... and yes, it's really hard to pass along those images when you image the closed relation between the two tyrants.