Jul 7, 2008

Forced landing after 4th of July

It’s nice to have a mini-vacation now and then, especially when you can match it with a 4th of July day in the pool, with my kiddo having pizza for the first time in his life, along with another relaxed informal get-together dinner with Venezuelan friends, with their own view of the fireworks.

Too bad that I had to come back to reality and start the week with the news that the UPEC (Cuban “journalists” organization) gave raúl castro the card that identifies him as an active member.

Raúl, a journalist? Yeah… sure… and elephants have wings and every day fly to the moon. Should I start explaining how you enter J-school in Havana, how you're taught about impartial coverage, ethics and so on... No, I better don't even start on that one.

But that’s not all. No, qué va!
Val, at Babalú, brings the news that the dictatorship’s official typewriters –I mean, Cuban journalists working for the government media (whom, BTW, do not having anything in common with Cuban independent journalists reporting ‘the real Cuba’) proposed to award hugo ‘disgusting monkey’ chávez with the José Martí medal.
A journalism honoring medal for chávez? They've got to be kidding me...

Did something explode in the universe while I was on vacation?
What on earths are the so-called journalists smoking lately back in Havana?

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