Jul 7, 2008

While we were having a good time...

toasting at the pools, firing up the grills and watching the fireworks, all in the name of the dearest freedom we enjoy every single day in America... Cuban "reformist-opened-visibly changing" government was instructing the political police to round up several pacific dissidents.

Let me say it again: pacific dissidents.

One of them, Leonardo Miguel Bruzón Ávila, once considered a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, is still missing. Bruzón disappeared in Havana on July 3rd, at 5 a.m. The list of the dissidents arrested is posted at Directorio Democrático Cubano.

So, next time you're hanging your red-white and blue flags and banners, and giving thanks for your freedom after each firework cracks up, allow yourself a minute to think and talk about those peaceful Cuban dissidents fighting a monster.

They are fighting for the freedoms that we, often times, simply take for granted.

H/T to Uncommon Sense and Babalú Blog.

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