Jul 11, 2008

"We're the heirs of two generations of unfullfilled dreams"

A good reminder to close the week, brought to you by Marco Rubio, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, during the CANF luncheon where Obama was invited.

In a matter of five minutes, Rubio brought down to earth those Cuban Americans attending the event. And he did it in an obvious not-so-political friendly stage. That's the difference between living in Miami and living in Havana, as he pointed out to the audience.

Why do I identified with his speech 100%?

Well, because I also believe that we'll always be the sons and daugthers of exiles (in my case, my son will be). We'll also be the sons and daugthers of those who left their homeland and put aside their own dreams in order to have this generation of Cubans Americans, born and raised in freedom, that we have today.

That's why I recently posted about that column I didn't like. Because, again, we may have quite a few differences in our points of view, but we owe them big time.
Big time.

The least that we can do is be respectful of their positions.
The least that you can do is thank them every single day.

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