Jul 23, 2008

Things can change... in a New York minute

A few days ago I spent a pretty busy week attending a Medical Interpreter Training Institute at the University of Arizona in Tucson --which was, by the way, awesomely good.

While there, battling the stove-style heat, I became accustomed to the typical Arizona landscaping scene: cactus and sand all over the place.

And now, looking at this picture of a mini-Tucson landscape potted in our hotel main entrance, I can't help to think how things can change in life.

Sometimes, it just takes a blink.

While I was there, Rev. Al Sharpton took the side of the black Cuban political prisoners --finally!, living proof of The New York Times biases flew throughout the net, a Cuban hero celebrated another birthday in prison, and I read this column in The Denver Post that felt just so right.

On top of that, my colleague and roommate in Tucson turned out to be a very fine conservative and Republican lady --kind of scarce where I live nowadays-- from whom I learned a lot during our endless conversations about Cuba and the US politics. Nos dimos gusto!

Meanwhile, my father was having a heart attack.

And I was not able to be by his bedside.
And I don't know when I'll be able to be with him.

My life, indeed, changed. In a New York minute.

And here I am, struggling with that fact when he is so close to join us. Struggling with endless red tape and paperwork. Struggling with the fact that even living in the North Pole, as long as you really care about the family you left behind, you can't be free. You will never be.

Prayers and good wishes are more than welcomed.


'Chola Con Cello' said...

Hola Mailyn,
I too am an interpreter and studied at the National Center for Interpretation at U of AZ with Jaime Fatas. It was great to read your blog and I just wanted to reach out and wish you the best as well as to invite you to my blog.

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Gracias, Meg, por pasar. Ya le di una mirada a tu blog; muy interesante!!!
Espero que nos mantengamos en contacto; el entrenamiento con Fatas en Tucson estuvo genial; buenisimo!

Anonymous said...

All good wishes, and many prayers for you and your family, y Besos Cubanita. Ziva

Anonymous said...


My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and your family. God willing you will be reunited soon!

Bendiciones/I wish you well
:) Melek

“Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength“~ Anonymous

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Thanks a lot for you support,it is highly needed in these tough times.

Claudia said...


I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he recovers soon.
Sending prayers,

garrincha said...

aché for you and for him.

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Thank you all... las aguas van tomando su nivel, pero seguimos como que en un stand-by...