Aug 22, 2008

Excuse me, Dr. Agastson

I have serious intentions to retake the strict phase of the South Beach Diet, to see if I can finally shed those extra pounds my lovely papichulo left as souvenir in my body after happily carrying him for nine months.

But, when someone bringing you from Miami these succulent masarreales, stuffed with guava paste all over, there is not human willpower that can resist. (If you know of any, please, tell me where can I get one)

So yes, I had them for breakfast, with Coca Cola. Y qué?
(I'll get over it!)

PD: Here is a recipe I found in English, and here is la de Juan Pérez, in Spanish. (I'll post how it goes when I try them at home)


GaviotaZalas said...

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Marta said...

I confess that I have had a cousin send me masa real from Miami.
Humanly impossible to resist.


Anonymous said...


I tried the Masa Real recipe from Juan Perez today.

As some would say ... "it was a knock-out". Excellent!
Thanks for sharing.

I wish you well :) Melek

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