Aug 25, 2008

I'm not alone in the Rockies

(Picture above: Denver Skyline, from

Last week I thought I'll have to make plans to hibernate during this week. I'm really not up to digesting the tons of garbage that my surroundings will be emitting these days.

But this morning, over there at Michelle Malkin's, I read about a poll where Coloradoans said they are not --thanks God-- all thrilled about the DNC.

It's good to know I'm not alone in this run. DNC in Denver? Puaf! Who cares? Forget their enthusiasm... (Oh, my! Even the Missus Botoz and the other Missus will be here!)

I am SO glad that I live way to the north and have absolutely no business in the state's capital this week!

And it feels SO good that I don't watch/hear any news at all during weekends!

Aaahhh! I'm so relieved now that I can actually start my work-week with an extra load of energy. Although I also might need to hold my nose; it all depends from where the wind blows.

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