Aug 14, 2008

Itchy, itchy drawings coming to Miami

Pong posted the official announcement, and Garrincha chronicled the labor and delivery: a brand-new Cuban-humor magazine will see the light in Miami.

It was needed it and due, desde hace mucho tiempo.

Since we're in the birthing-center mode, un poco de llanto de maternidad se impone: What on earth these Cubans pinky-earth-worms living far from our Miami homeland are going to do to receive our weekly dose of Pica Pica?

No idea.
Palomas mensajeras? FeDex? The Web?
We'll see qué tipo de pan el baby trae bajo el brazo...

But I do wish them the best.
They are all pretty good cartoonists.
They will all bring good memories from the years we used to read them in Cuba.

If you are in Miami this Saturday, go there and do your part.
It will be only un caña/fula/baro --or whatever fits your wallet best.

Garrincha's worms have succesfully completed their three years of English as Second Language.
Go there and larguen las tripas riéndose... the candidate is priceless.


PolO said...

From now on the Pica Pica will be part of "the list": -"Pepe, cuando vengas de Miami, tràme una banderita cubana, una jaba de ñames y un montòn de Pica Pica."

Cubanita in Colorado said...

Me adivinaste el pensamiento! Ya estaba por llamar al familion del Miami para que, junto con el cafe Pilon, me mande por FeDex unos Pica Pica!