Aug 20, 2008

Another colorful --and way too high above sea level-- rant

I haven't been able to think very clearly lately, especially when I try to hear some news in the radio, while commuting to/and from work.

NPR's verbal incontinence about the upcoming democratic convention in Denver me tiene, digamos que, close to star pulling my hair.

What about the republican convention in St. Paul or the activities related to independent, green and whoever else is running for presidency? Nothing.

What about the "additional holding facility"quickly reconditioned in Denver to be used during the convention days and coincidentally kept secret, popping out everywhere in the Internet, but nowhere in your local newspaper?

Nadita de nada.

I learned some details about the republican convention while reading one of those ad-filled magazines you get in the plane, while flying --you've guessed it-- between Washington and St. Paul. (Thanks, Northwest Airlines, for having it there).

On top of that, if while doing a random Internet search, you learn your cubanísimo trasero have been sitting on one the US biggest oil reserve at the same time you've been paying four dollar a gallon for gas, IMHO, you're more than entitled to have a royal patatú. Check this:

"The United States, western Colorado in particular, has the largest known concentration of oil shale in the world, (according to the Bureau of Land Management) and holds an estimated 800 gigabarrels of recoverable oil, enough to meet U.S. demand for oil at current levels for 110 years. Known as the "Rock That Burns" the oil in oil shale is economically inaccessible due to technological difficulties in harvesting the oil from the shale rock.

Have anybody in Congress thought about developing the technology needed to use this, along with nuclear and whatever other clean sources could be available instead of pretending it's OK for us and our children to pay $4.00 or more for the gallon of gas?

Last time I checked, they were kind of hypocrites...

Like MDH said the other day: "So it's OK to buy and use oil from terrorrists because their oil does not contaminate and we can not drill in the US because our oil IS the one that contaminates the environment?

Jeez, sometimes I really think that there are some people out there that not even with fifty 9/11 would get it. I am either really bad in economics, or most of these people are just having the great time of their lives (including Botox overdoses) while we're footing the bill.

Should we ask for a quick law mandating that all those attending the convention ought pay $10 the gallon of gas? I mean, since they rather be hostages of foreing potencies for the love of green, then I can assume they can afford it.

Qué pena que yo no pueda decir lo mismo!

That's why I think I will need to hibernate for a few days, at least while the convention is going on in Denver and the Obama'08 stickers are proliferating in the parking lot at work.

(What will come next? Repeating "Pioneros por el comunismo, seremos como Obama" next to the clocking machine?)

The good news is from now on, I won't need a city permit to make a garage sale anymore.

The Cenicienta city where I physically live is growing, opening more businesses and making our lives a little bit easier. Apparently, my vote in the local elections were not erred... so far.

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