Aug 8, 2008

Te estoy vigilando!!!

(A few days ago, in this Cuban household in northern Colorado)

Me: You know what I read today in a Cuban blog online?! That Obama wants to create a civilian security force, with budget and funds and the whole nine yards!

MDH: Quééééé! Unos CDR's? Coño, no me hagas esa mierda.

And then, we both look at each other like sharing the same thought: tanto nadar para venir a morir en la orilla.

Then, going back in my mind to the files of my childhood and teens years, I rapidly drew a conclusion. La guardia nos tocará en la vaquería que está al lado de la casa. You know, cows can perfectly be a matter of national security.

Cows!!! Las estoy vigilando!!!

And no, we don't like the idea either.
We totally refuse to have our lives in America governed by some sort of Obama's version of a HOA. I already hate mine strongly enough; I really don't need to add another reason.

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