Aug 8, 2008

Período Especial en tiempos de Obama

We are getting ready para lo que viene, in case the messiah leases the White House in November. We have plenty of experience and have decided to apply the survival techniques we learned in Centro Habana in 1992-1996:

Above, former goldfishes pond turned into mini-hidropónico. Exagerados que somos, instead of a logical number of tomato plants, we ended up with a whole tomato jungle.

The good news is that the plants are up their top with tomatoes and some of them have started to ripe. In the middle of that jungle we also manage to get a couple of green bell pepper plants that, you've guessed it, are also full with little peppers.
Above, former favorite patio corner where Sweetie loved to dig (I strongly believe she still thinks she'll be able to find a treasure -under the sprinkler) became another mini vegetable garden where nine pumpkins and a few strawberries are happily growing.

Now that I give it some thought, the survival kit in Centro Habana included a pig growing in the bathtub. I might not jump in that one as it is, but I may be able to use the unfinished basement instead. :)

And, if this nonsense becomes a reality, we might even need to change our cars for these cutting-edge and environmentally friendly models. (I hope they are not as expensive as the Prius or the Civic hybrid).

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