Aug 28, 2008

Veggie soup for the soul --with a Cuban twist!

Of course! There is absolutely no way I can cook anything in my house that does not have, one way or another, a Cuban twist.

I don't even remember from whom did I learn to make this soup in the first place, but it has become an staple for cold days and "going back to diet" seasons. It's pretty simple:

- Big pot with lid on hand.

-3 or 4 garlic cloves and 1/4 red onion finely diced, fried in 3 spoons of olive oil until nicely golden. Since we are making the sofrito here, you can add tomato sauce and bell peppers finely diced if you want.

-Previously, you already chopped a bunch of celery, 2 or 3 big red tomatoes, one medium white or yellow onion, half bag of baby carrots (you can also leave the baby carrots in its original size), and half green cabbage. If you have an extra bag of mixed frozen vegetables, you can also accidentally drop them in the pot, although I recommend not going with too much yellow corn.

-Then, you'll add the whole veggie jungle to the pot, stir with the sofrito and add 2 tablespoons of you favorite Sazón Completo Goya.

-Add vegetable broth and/or water leaving one and a half inch of the pot empty, to allow space for boiling, spilling, etc.

-Go to your Cuban roots (or meet them for the first time) and add 4 malangas cut in big chunks.

-Check the salt, and jump over you Badía or Goya cumin container; I usually use 1 tablespoon (Outside Florida, you can find it in Mexican or Hispanic stores and is the Hispanic Foods section of any given Walmart).

-Let them boil and love each other until everything is tender. Make sure to check the malangas and the celery are readily soft.

-Serve hot and enjoy but, cuidado con las quemadas en la lengua.

Now that I realize it, today is Thursday and Marta is cooking at Babalú.

No that I wanted to compete; my friend is way to high in the Major Leagues of Cuban cooking... but you can combine it all: make some soup, have some pizza and to finish, go ahead and make a Cuban cafecito.

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