Aug 29, 2008

Yes! The change we REALLY need! (UPDATE)

Palin for VP!

I just stumbled with the breaking news that McCain chose Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, as running mater for the presidential ticket. And I can't help but feel really happy about it.

As I've said before, I'm a total rookie in this political stuff, but I like that bet. With some people out there talking the litany of change and the need to have no politics as usual, Palin's selection comes to, literally, darles una galleta sin manos a muchos por ahí.

Conservative, new to the political arena, outside the box of Washington politics, conservative, young, beautiful, woman, mother of five, governor of a "hot" state as Alaska is in the current economic situation... what else could we ask? There are many that would argue the experience issue, but, hey, with the choices that we have around, I wouldn't even go there.

Again, I might be wrong, but I think she comes to fill in a few gaps and to complement McCain in a lot of issues. Not that long ago, I came across her website and I found I identified myself with a lot of the things she posted there about her career, her family and her life in general. (By the time I posted this, opening her official site online is taking centuries!)

And yes, call me feminist (not in the liberal sense of the term, please) and all that, but the fact that she is a woman is, let's say it simple, kind of cool.
I remember talking with people in the past and me explaining why I wouldn't even considere Hillary Clinton for president. And I always said that I will not vote for her not because she is a woman, but because she is NOT the right woman to be president.
I guess back then I had never heard of Palin, if not, she would have been my perfect counteracting example.

Presidential elections and politics in general are a gamble anyway; with politicians you'll never know, and with your vote, you're just trying to make the best informed bet.

[A dark note to MSNBC, though... when I clicked in the link to launch the video of the breaking news, which has Palin's photo, the new window that opened had three video options there. Come on... help me with the guess... Palin's videos were in second and third place... the first one was from 'the One' and yes, it started automatically on his, by default! Coincidence?]
Please, allow me to introduce you Sarah Palin,
read about her here, here, and here.
(And yes, Babalú hit it in the nail; Hillary needs to be inmediately placed on suicide watch!)

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