Sep 8, 2008

Ay, Cachita, no te olvides de los nuestros!

No news from the family back in Cuba since early this morning.

We're up here, way too high above sea level, while they're down there, waiting for the sea to come inland the usual 12-15 blocks. It's what always happens...

The relatives' house in Chambas, Ciego de Ávila, has been packed up with the surrounding neighbors since yesterday. It's the only house in that part of town built with blocks, therefore, able to resists the winds.

The rest of those souls saw the roof of their wood, old and dilapidated houses flying all over the place. The picture is not nice, they said.

A closed relative, resident of Havana, was sent to work in Pinar del Rio after hurricane Gustav. Not nice views either.

He've told us what we're have seen in the news and in the newspaper pictures is absolutely nothing compared with what he saw right there, up close and personal. Not even the 50% of it.

Only in Los Palacios, half of the houses are completely destroyed; inhabitable. There we'll have thousand of families living in "temporary shelters" for the next, what?, 20 years?

Viñales is not even the shadow of what it used to be and now, when Ike goes over that area again, is the same nightmare, part II.

And let's now even go to the aid issue.
More of the same.

I also hope that Mother Nature knows what it's doing.
At the end of the day, there is a close relationship between "that" and the acts of God.

Virgencita de la Caridad, ampáranos ahora más que nunca. Today, your day, Cubans in the island can not take you out, dress you with flowers and candles and pray in front of you. Us, out here, are trying to fill their place. Amen.

Meanwhile, my house is under a senseless and desesperate state that I can not even begin to describe...

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