Sep 9, 2008

Back to our own backyard

No, I couldn't attend the McCain-Palin rally in Colorado Springs last Saturday.

I was enthusiastic about going there, just to see what it's like, but when you have to work, you have to work.

I did secured a free ticket, though. I was glad I requested right after Palin's VP acceptance speech; they were sold out.

When I learned I couldn't make it, I gave it to my co-worker and office-space buddy.

She barely got in; she saw around 200 people left outside because the place was overbook and fire marshals wouldn't allow more people for security reasons.

She did bring me a button, as a token of gratitude. It's nice to spend a big chunk of your day and a very small physical space with someone that shares your views and is eager to learn about things, and eager to teach about others.

We are both, definitively, in a very anti-conservative, "leaning-too-much-to-the-left" uncharted waters; basically, a minority.

(I hung it in my rear-view mirror, so the dude from my work's parking lot who has a "Free Tibet" sticker next to a picture of Che "The Butcher of La Cabaña" Guevara, can see it very well.)

Then, we both learned this morning that McCain is leading in the polls. (Although the only polls that would rely on are the exit polls, right one election day). This is becoming, with no doubts, a very interesting and tighter race.

We also need to do a lot of homework; there are 18 ballot initiatives in Colorado for this November. And I thought my first trully vote was not going to be challenging or interesting at all!

I want to make sure I make an informed choice, especially when critical issues like defining where person hood begins, and effort to tweak Colorado's TABOR, and other to obligate you to enroll in a union in order to be hired (hellooo?!), and even the very same process to submit ballot initiatives.

On top of that, in the humor & sarcasm department, I just found this site where crazy rumors and smears against Sarah Palin are being tracked. Boy, there are a lot of people out there that really don't have anything good to do with their lives...

(H/T to Michelle Malkin & HotAir)

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