Sep 9, 2008

Back to normal breathing

Finally, we got news from the family back in el terruño.

They weathered the whole thing relatively easy and, Thanks God, the house didn't flooded, the water tank didn't fell from the roof and the couple of existing glass windows survived.

No electricity (most of the capital is without power) and only a couple of home telephones are working in their block. But they are OK.

Relatives in Punta Alegre, a fishermen town in Ciego de Ávila, were not that lucky. Seawater flooded the town up to the main street, which is in a considerably higher location.

I don't even want to think about the fate of the modest houses whose backyards were piers hooked up inside the water. The whole town became incommunicado after the phone call that brought us these news.

Ike landed in Cuba, for the second time, west of Havana, closer to the limits with Pinar del Río province. Yes, the same Pinar del Río that was savagely beaten by Gustav.

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