Sep 9, 2008

I DO wear lipstick

(Photo source: Digital Vision / Getty Images)

Rosy and pinky shimmered shades, if I can choose (and perfume, of course).
A very well applied red lipstick can work wonders.
And no, I'm not a pig.

Este individuo se acaba de poner la soga al cuello, él solito. Which proves, one more time that, no matter how many years in Harvard (or how much silk you use) ... you know the Cuban saying; it will be the same.

Un (f) believable.
No, I don't believe in innocent gaffes, specially when the phrase has been all over the place (and any human being ears) for quite a few days.

The Drudge Report, Babalú Blog and Michelle Malkin have already pitched into this one.

McCain's campaign already requested an apology.

Huy, huy, huy... BHO, this is going to hurt.
--Classy, very classy--

(Al león se le cayó la melena)

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