Sep 4, 2008

Homerun con las bases llenas, brought to you by "The sisterhood of the hockey Moms"

For the first time in my thirty something (short) years of age, I have stopped my house’s craziness at dinner time and, under no influence of any substance, I willingly sit in front on my TV to watch a politician speech.

When I told MDH what I was up to do, he just gave me a look like: “Are you sure you are not out of your mind?”.

And while dear son almost buried me with blocks, legos and books, I completely ate Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech (and those who spoke before her: the governor of Hawaii was impressive, Huckabee did a great job and Giuliani was great as usual, specially with the “nada, nada”) on C-Span.

(Palin power photo from AP/El Nuevo Herald)

Do not take my word for it because I’m a rookie on these leagues, but I totally agree that woman is a promise; a bright promise for the future of the American society.

It is understandable, up to a certain point, why the radical left and the Democrats (and the MSM that feeds them) of this country are in panic mode.

Palin’s selection as VP has left them in shock.

They just don’t know what to do.
They know they don’t have the balls to confront her; they know they are weaponless and that makes them go nuts and do the shameful things they have been doing since last Friday.

Palin’s speech (yes, written by a professional speech writer, like all speeches from all politicians, including the messiah) was spotless.

And she definitively killed several birds with only shot; being the most important the way she put McCain’s image into the entire nation’s eyes. (More on Lady Sarah's speech here, here and here)

And, while MDH –who is not as involved in the political debate as I’ve been lately­– was little step by little step, getting closer to the TV, he finally sit next to me when she said: ‘In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change.’” (“Did you hear what she said,” he asked. “Yes, I did,” I said.)

She shot at Obama with heavy artillery and trash out the dirty rumors of the past days, while focusing the presidential candidate assets and all that, with a chic and glamorous style.

Without quitting her real American family background, her 21st century mother of five style; pit-bull's force and lipstick included.

The more the media and leftist bloggers try to trash her out, the more she’s giving them una galleta sin mano. Whoever saw the speech last night couldn’t have missed her family’s takes on camera.

Bristol and her boyfriend is the cutest sweetheart couple ever –ate that, whether you like it or not. Piper has a gift for public appearances, waving at the audience like her Mom and even licking her hand on camera, to fix her baby brother’s hair.

Handsome husband. Proud parents. Great dressing style, beautiful legs and let’s not even go to the ‘proud Mom of a disabled child’ part.

That’s real life in today’s American society. And I think that people down to earth is what this country needs, pronto.

Time might prove us wrong. It can happen in politics where, at the end, everything is nothing more than a well-informed bet. But I don’t think that’ll be the case.

Should the experience issue proves to be a real issue (which I personally don’t think so), I rather have a down-to-earth VP with on-the-job-training, than a pseudo-communist of séptima categoría gambling in the job, trying to be a president.

Today I feel so optimistic, blessed for being Cuban-American and lucky for having the opportunity to vote in a free and democratic presidential election for the first time in my life, that I fixed myself this morning with my best pencil skirt, hair-do and patent black high heel pumps.

Lipstick could no be absent; you know, we are setting a trend and we have to keep up the style up the circumstances! :)

H/T to Babalú, Claudia4Libertad and Michelle Malkin.

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Cubanita said...

Para el anónimo ignorante de las 23:23:13:

Su comentario ha sido rechazado porque como este es mi blog, me puedo dar el lujo de rechazar y borrar comentarios groseros u ofensivos.

Le advierto que no me preocupa en lo más mínimo que no esté de acuerdo conmigo. Esa es la maravilla de vivir y expresarse en un país libre.

Pero si no es capaz de expresarse por escrito de forma respetuosa, nunca será bievenido en este sitio.

Por cierto, hablando de ignorancia, debería fijarse bien la ortografía de sus cometarios antes de escribirlos; mire que se pone uno a pensar quién es más ignorante, si Sarah Palin o sus detractores.
Just sayin'... ;-)