Sep 3, 2008

Plain and shameful dirty move (UPDATED)

Impossible to go around the bushes: the dirty move against Sarah Palin is so disgusting that I don't even know where should I start talking about it.

Even if she doesn't make it to the office, even if she doesn't excel at the job, even in the worst case scenario, all this is plainly WRONG.

(I wonder of this Daily Kos is the parent company of Kaos en la Red; they seem to be in the same line of business)

The first word that comes to mind is envy.
Envy and panic mode.

Envy from the radical left of this country that not even in their wildest dreams could even be a simple all American woman as Palin is. Envy from the media that is so biased and so rag-styled that I can not even believe it.

And panic mode from the Democrats that do not have what it takes to win over a simple American, Mom, wife, someone who came from the bottom; someone that until recently, lived the simple live most Americans (including myself) live.

I identify with her because she is the face of an American family of these times.

Maybe that's the reason why the attacks have been so dirty and so vile (pun very well intended; at first I thought of posting the covers, but now I refuse to use my blog to bash nother mother, like I am). Because those behind them, don't give a damn about the lives of the average American families.

I bet they are so busy with their carbon footprint and the next reusable cloth bag they'll get at the grocery store that they are not thinking in the consequences of their attacks.

There is a young woman and a baby whose lives are going to be marked forever.
But they don't care.

Pregnant teenagers are real life in this country, so what's the big deal? I feel sad for this girl because in a moment where she should be enjoying the happiness of pregnancy, along with her Mom's success, evildoers out there are trying to mess up her life. And having a disabled child and commit to love him and raise him takes a big time courage and an oversize set of ovaries.

Is not this what feminists are always calling for?
Oh, wait, but since they weren't the protagonists so they have to attack it in such a dirty move?

But that is not what bothers me the most.

What bothers me the most is that this whole gossip does not have anything to do with her credentials and aptitude to be our next VP. That is something that will be proved in the different arena. The whole thing is just doing evil for the sake of doing evil.

As I've always said, I will not put my hands in the fire for any politician, but the public should not impose a public sentence and judge based solely in rumors. And it looks that this was precisely the goal of the leftist bloggers and media that echoed the whole thing as prime time news.

And we, as public, should have enough neuronal capacity to see the move and wait for the facts before believing a story. Sadly, not everyone does that and blindly follow the media's lead --whether is right or wrong.

This was a dirty move aimed to diminish Palin's protagonism. Pure envy and lousy panic mode. And I believe that I'm not the only one that think so.

For the first time in many, many years I am --willingly-- turning the TV and the radio on to hear/see a politician speech. That says a lot, coming from someone really sick and tired of the verbal incontinence of you-know-who.

I'm waiting to hear Palin's speech tonight and I'm making plans to attend the rally in Colorado Springs this Saturday. And the only reason I'm interested is Sarah Palin.

I want to see and listen to her in person because I want to draw my own conclusions, without the radical left and the unethical media biasing my judgement.

And yes, I will run the risk and I will also vote for her.

H/T to Michele Malkin, Babalú, Claudia4Libertad and Pajamas Media

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